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PM paketi

Partial Mash paketi


Število izdelkov: 3

  1.  Partial Mash paket - Mangrove Jack's - California Common 23l.

    Toffee with a slight graininess and a high level of rustic woodiness that gives way to a firm bitterness and a dry finish. Poizvej več
  2. Partial Mash paket - Mangrove Jack's - Liberty Golden Ale 23l.

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    D H M S

    The light rich tea biscuit character is subdued by a light bitterness and a spicy, floral yet grapefruit hop character. Poizvej več
  3. Partial Mash paket - Mangrove Jack's - American Pale Ale 23l.

    A crisp yet full bodied beer with a firm bitterness that allows the spiciness and grapefruit character of the hops to shine through. Poizvej več


Število izdelkov: 3